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How to install Joomla 1.5 on a local server - Wamp Server Print E-mail
Written by Stela Sikic   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 10:07

joomla logoI'm going to divide this topic into two parts.

First, You will download a wamp server from and install it on your computer. After that install Joomla 1.5 on your local server.

Once download of wamp server is completed click on run. At this point you will be asked if you want to run this software, just click run again and you will see welcome message from wamp server. Click next, accept aggreement and click next one more time.

After this step you will see "set up will install WampServer in the following folder c:wamp" if you want to install it in this folder just click next, than you will be asked if you want to create quick launch icon and desktop icon. I recommend creating both of them. Just tick both boxes and click next.

Now you will be asked if you are ready to install wamp server to your computer. Click on install. At this point you will be asked if you want to use Firefox as defoult browser for wamp server. If that is what you want click yes.

In the next question you will be asked about php mail parameters.
SMTP will be localhost. Email will be your email address.

Click finish and you are done with wamp server instalation.

Now you came to the point when you have to create a databese in order to install Joomla on your wamp server. To create database just click on wamp server icon and open phpMyAdmin panel. In control panel first click privileges, than click on add new user, fill out username (any username you want) host will be localhost, and you have to create password. After that in Global privileges click on check all and hit go. Final step in creating database  involves creating database itself. In phpMyAdmin panel click home, you will see "create database"  Just put some name for database and click create and you are done.

You have succesfully completed first step, now it's time for second step.

First thing to do in orderv to install Joomla on local server is to download latest version of Joomla from .

Than you will create new folder in www folder of your wamp server. You can call this folder joomla.

Extract downloaded file in to the newely created joomla folder.

In your browser type http://localhost/joomla

To install Joomla you have to follow next steps:

 - Select language, and than click next.
 - In preinstalation check panel leave everything as it is and click next.
 - Licenec, click next.

In database configuration do tfollowing: my sql, hostname is localhost, username  is same as you created in first part of this tutorial, pasword is also the same as you created in first part of tutorial, database name is what you created earlier and then just click next. In next panel (FTP configuration) leave everything as it is and click next. In main configuration  give some name to your site and confirm email address and password. If you want to install sample data just tick install sample data and click next.
With this step installation of Joomla on the local server is successfully completed.

In order to access your newely installed Joomla site you have to delete installation folder inside the joomla folder in www folder of wamp server.




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